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Top 10 Winter Boat Maintenace Tricks

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Winter is coming, so for all yacht owners out there, we've gathered some tips and tricks to help you with the winter months ahead.

Yachting Partners Malta top 10 tips for this winter:

  1. Remove as many soft furnishing as you can and store them on shore over winter.

  2. Empty and deep clean any fridges; consider turning them off and leaving them open until they are used again.

  3. Ensure all on-deck electronic covers are tightly fitted.

  4. Install a dehumidifier, stand up any remaining soft furnishings and mattresses and open lockers to air can flow around the boat.

  5. For sailboats, remove sails and then get them laundered and stored over winter.

  6. Ensure the fuel tank is topped up, to make sure condensation doesn't occur. If your boat is staying in the water over winter, then ensure that the engine is run regularly.

  7. Inspect the rudders, propellers and shafts, and other exterior surfaces for barnacles, removing them as you go.

  8. Flush the engine with antifreeze using an intake hose connected to the water pump and ensure to change the boat’s transmission fluid

  9. Remove the spark plugs, and clean the engine with fogging spray.

  10. If your boat is staying in the water over winter, make sure to add extra mooring lines and fenders, to ensure your boat is secure in preparation for bad weather. Make sure to check her regularly over the winter months.

Guardinage Services | Yachting Partners Malta

We will make sure it stays in top shape during the winter season.

We offer full Guardinage Services to clients.

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