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We are official dealers for a wide range of brands, including Elvstrom Sails and Gori Propellers.

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta

Elvstrom Sails

For over 65 years Elvstrom Sails have developed a unique sail making expertise driven by the experience of our high performing sailors and sail designers. Today Elvstrom is Europe’s largest Sail Loft and we are the official Elvstrom Sails Point in Malta. 

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta

GORI Propellers

First introduced in 1975, GORI Propeller has built a reputation within the industry due to its low water resistance, effective maneuverability, and patented single-drive overdrive technologies. We supply a range of folding and custom-made propellers. 

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta


A world leader in the design and manufacture of blinds, shades, and soft furnishings, Dometic UK Blind Systems Ltd have been taking and delivering on some of the most creative and challenging briefs since 1990, across a variety of markets. 

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta


Plastimo is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the marine industry. The company has over 40 years of experience in Boating Equipment and their catalog carries over 6000 items. Overall quality is the culture at Plastimo. 

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta

Shaft Shark

Protect your drive train and propeller with the best rope, line and debris cutter there is. The Shaft Shark is a serrated edge circular blade machined from high quality stainless steel. It is easy to install; no drilling, tapping or dismantling.

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta


JEFA Rudder & Steering systems offer solutions to your steering needs, from rudder Blades right through to steering wheels with every part in between. Used as standard components on a long list of respected boat builders, including Hanse Yachts.  

Marine Products | Yachting Partners Malta

GS Carbon Gangplanks

GS Composite carbon gangways are a leap forward in nautical accessory design. Their extraordinary design, technological innovation launched GS Composite carbon gangways into award winning nautical equipment manufacturers. Making them the must-have aftermarket accessory.


NV Boat Protection

Pioneer and leader in Europe, NV designs and manufactures customised equipment for protection and comfort for all navigation and boat types.  Today, the company, is the only European organisation with the ability to combine industrial efficiency and expert craftsmanship.

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