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Sail Maintenance: Take your sails further

During its life, a sail has to take huge mechanical impacts. Your sail has been designed to withstand those impacts. Damages occur, when a sail has to take on loads for which it has not been designed.

To avoid damages, here are some tips:

Avoid fluttering sails or leeches

Whenever you notice a fluttering leech, tighten the leech lines. To avoid fluttering sails, reef in time.

Avoid creases

Make sure you either roll or fold your sail correctly.(Zig-Zag) .Ideally an EPEX sail should be rolled from the top to foot, when going in to winter storage. This will avoid any permanent creases


Use patches

Wherever your sail may touch parts of the boat, like spreaders, reelings, pulpits, radars, etc, use insignia patches to protect your sail from unnecessary friction


If you need any sail help or advise, as your local Elvstrøm Sail and Service-Point, contact us at Yachting Partners Malta for a service check.

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