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Why buy new with us? Read this.

Purchasing a boat is such an exciting time for any owner. First the searching, deciding, negotiating; then, a deal.

From the first point of contact, we spend our time diligently answering all your questions to help you find the vessel that best suits your needs. We will individually tailor the experience of the viewings, offers, and negotiations to the final contracts and handover, ensuring your enjoyment of this enthralling time.

From the time the contract is signed, there is an enormous amount of organisation required to finalise specifications, arrange boat transport or delivery, flag registration, order parts and manage the whole commissioning process. Fortunately, this is something we specialise in, so Yachting Partners Malta can take care of it all.

Once the boat is fully commissioned and ready for handover, you will be invited to join us on board for two full handover and training days – which we are happy to extend if you are taking ownership of one of our larger models, or would appreciate some additional time with us on board.

During the day we will walk you through your boat, checking the specification against each element of your new boat and its equipment. Our Sales team will go through all the paperwork and once everything is signed you’ll be handed the keys, ready to start your waterborne adventures.

Thereafter our dedicated after sales department is there to help you through all possible warranty (and non-warranty) works, always a phone call away.


We are your Yachting Partner in the Mediterranean - give us a call and let's have a chat.

Yachting Partners Malta Ltd

183/4 Marina Street

Pieta, PTA 9042

+356 2125 2727



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