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Sustainable energy made in France

Vendée Globe winner Yannick Bestaven equips the Privilège Signature 510, Horus, with a hydro generator.

The 2021 Vendée Globe winner Yannick Bestaven is undoubtedly one of the best sailors in the world. In addition to his irrepressible passion for offshore sailing Yannick has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by founding the Watt & Sea in 2009, which is developing the latest generation of hydro generators made in France. These hydro generators are providing catamarans with a self-sufficient supply of clean and sustainable energy on board.

The Privilège Signature 510 “HORUS” is also equipped with this sustainable energy production technology. Yannick Bestaven took the opportunity to test the hydroelectric generator on the French Atlantic coast with CEO Gilles Wagner...

“Circumnavigating the world with a Privilège is certainly the more luxurious option than with a minimally equipped Imoca racer,” grins Bestaven during the tour of the bright red catamaran. “And in terms of comfort, Privilège can't be beaten on the water!”

"It was a very special honour to welcome Yannick Bestaven on board "HORUS". He is a great person who has made a strong interest in sustainability and our blue water catamarans. Even though Yannick is used to top speeds on the water, he was quite impressed by the good sailing characteristics of our Privilège Signature 510. Our customer is thrilled to be able to provide himself with emission-free energy for an unlimited period of time on the ocean."


This article was written by Rachel Quillaud and can be found on Privilege Catamarans' website following the link below:



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