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Hanse 460: Top 10 Best Sail Boats for 2023

Yachting Partners Malta are proud to announce that the Hanse 460 is one of the SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023 by Sail Magazine.

Impressive in every detail, overwhelming in its entirety: the Hanse 460 is more than the perfectly coordinated combination of modern design and innovative technologies. The award-winning family cruiser represents the experience and knowledge of the Hanse engineers. They turn their passion for yachting into reality with unsurpassed precision and attention to detail in every Hanse

The Hanse 460 was described by SAIL Magazine as “a step up in performance and accommodations among production boats in its class…a comfortable, fast cruiser that can be sailed by a middle-aged couple…For shorthanded sailing, this boat is hard to match…will please a lot of sailors.”

The result is a yacht that promises pure adrenaline for skippers and an individual, stylish home at sea for families.

For further information on Hanse 460, such as the technical specifications, please get in touch.


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