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Hanse 460

Simply ahead.

Radically innovative, agile and comfortable. This yacht, Hanse’s first by the French yacht designers Berret-Racoupeau, combines maximum innovation and traditional Hanse values, such as fast cruising and easy sailing – all with a consistently modern sporty look. The result is a yacht that promises pure adrenaline for skippers and an individual, stylish home at sea for families.

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LOA: 14.60 m

Hull Length: 13.87 m

LWL: 13.05 m

Beam: 4.79 m


shallow keel 1.75 m

L-keel, medium 2.25 m


L-keel, medium 12.60 t

Engine, Diesel:

standard approx. 57 HP

option approx. 80 HP

Fuel tank: approx. 210 l

Freshwater tank: 450 l


CE Certificate: A - 10​

Design: Berret - Racoupeau

Interior: Berret - Racoupeau

Mast length above WL: approx. 21.90 m

Total sail area: approx. 114.00 m²

Full Specs


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