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Did you know that you can color your spinnaker in the Sail Configurator?

With Elvstrom Sails new Sail Configurator, there has also been a remake for the Elvstrøm Sails Spidesigner. The Spidesign feature is now a part of the Elvstrøm Sails Sail Configurator, where you have the opportunity to sit down and test all of your ideas in 3D.

Elvstrom Sails | Yachting Partners Malta

The Spidesign area of the Sail Configurator also features all the latest colors available in the spinnaker product line - and the Configurator is also home for all our other types of sails, enabling you to try and test configurations for both monohull and multihull applications.

Start the configurator, select boat type and size, and then press Design your Spi - then you're there!

Whether you’re into weekly club racing or you take part in some of the classic regattas around the world, Elvstrom designs the sail to fit your challenges.

Yachting Partners Malta Ltd is the official Elvstrom Sails Point in Malta.

Get in contact for more information.


Yachting Partners Malta Ltd

183/4 Marina Street, Pieta PTA9042 - Malta

Tel: +356 2125 2727

Yachting Partners Malta


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