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Tips to maximize your gennaker

Downwind sails are available in many configurations. Elvstrøm Sails offers many different options - from regular spinnakers to gennakers, the entire racing range plus special designs such as the Blue Water Runner. Are you ready to hoist your downwind sail?

When the gennaker is up, you may experience that your speed could be better, that the boat is heavy on the helm or that your gennaker tends to be unstable. Here are some handy tips to know on the fly.

# 1

Heavy on the helm: If the boat gets heavy on the helm, it probably has a connection to an incorrect trim of the gennaker itself. You can re-trim it by easing the gennaker sheet until the luff starts being a little unstable. When it does so, fall off slightly and then ease the sheet and main.

Instability: If your gennaker sits unstable or starts to collapse, your course is too low. Point the boat higher to the wind, and if you then either trim or ease the sheet, it will rotate windward and set itself in a more stable manner.

Poor speed: A Gennaker is a direct way to good speed heading downwind - but it is important to make changes if it doesn't perform. This can often be related to running a course which it is too tight - this is fixed by easing the sheet until the luff starts to become a little unstable - by then you should see your speed increasing the way it should.

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Enjoy your downwind cruise!

Whether you’re into weekly club racing or you take part in some of the classic regattas around the world, Elvstrom designs the sail to fit your challenges.

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