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Cantiere Del Pardo's Fiftieth Birthday

In the occasion of our shipyard's fifty years anniversary, Cantiere del Pardo would like to look back to its history, achievements and essence.

Grand Soleil Yachts | Yachting Partners Malta

Grand Soleil Yachts | Yachting Partners Malta

Cantiere del Pardo is a modern laboratory of beauty and creativity, where technical knowledge and craftsmanship meet creativity, design genius and technological innovation to produce nautical masterpieces of absolute excellence, in the wake of the highest Italian tradition.

Deep connection with the territory, ability to combine technical knowledge and creative intelligence, clear, decisive and unmistakable aesthetics. From these values come the sail and motor boats that have been making history, the pride and prestige of this extraordinary Italian company of ours for more than 50 years.

If you are interested in any Grand Soleil Yacht model all information and specifications are available on request.


Yachting Partners Malta Ltd

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