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Hanse 510 Triumphs as a Top 10 Best Boat of 2024

As we sail into 2024, Hanse Yachts continues to bask in well-deserved recognition. Yachting Partners Malta, as official dealers for Hanse Yachts, is excited to share that the Hanse 510 has secured its first win of the year.

The US SAIL Magazine has named it one of the Top 10 Best Boats of 2024, emphasizing its outstanding design and performance

Hanse 510's Award-Winning Attributes:

Spacious and Versatile Cockpit: The jury was captivated by the boat's spacious and versatile cockpit, emphasizing its suitability for both entertaining and sailing. The Hanse 510 seamlessly blends functionality with comfort.

Innovative Layouts and Features: The jury applauded Hanse Yachts for thinking outside the box regarding how boat owners utilize their vessels. The Hanse 510's inventive layouts and features cater to the diverse needs of sailors, offering enviable flexibility for buyers to choose what suits them best.

Unparalleled Flexibility: With a myriad of layouts offered, Hanse Yachts stands out for providing buyers with unparalleled flexibility. The Hanse 510 challenges the notion of a 'production boat' in name only, allowing owners to tailor their vessels to their unique preferences and requirements.

You're invited to experience the elegance of the Hanse 510 up close at boot Düsseldorf, where it will be on display from January 20-28.

Secure your viewing with Yachting Partners Malta.

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