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Hanse 460 wins European Yacht of the Year 2022 in Category: Family Cruiser

Nominees: Beneteau Oceanis 34.1; Dufour 470; Hanse 460; Jeanneau SO 380; Neel 43

A strong category brimming with interesting new designs. All these shortlisted yachts are winners and worthy of close scrutiny by anyone in the market for a new mid-range yacht to suit easy cruising as couples, or with friends or family.

The space race continues to thrive but all of these designs prove you can have that volume without unnecessarily impacting performance or enjoyment on the helm.

Judges announce the Hanse 460 as Winner!

Hanse’s brave decision to change designers has seemingly paid off. The 460 cleverly meets its brief of providing a voluminous hull which still performs. It boasts appealing exterior aesthetics, is enjoyable to sail and gives the feel of a larger yacht/model (particularly in the cockpit).

A key indication of the success of a design is in the initial sales numbers – over 150 sold before any seatrials! Our Finnish judge Pasi Nuutinen says: “Tiger’s leap to fresh looking modern design with all its benefits for easier control, better performance and more voluminous interiors. Still combining the traditional Hanse virtues of decent quality and sensible pricing.”



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