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Elvstrom Sails A/S: Embark on our sustainable journey!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Even though COVID-19 has cleared the front page since March and still hasn´t left us, sustainability is still an issue and an important path to follow. When it comes to doing business in a more sustainable manner, it is first of all a commitment. And now we are ready to embrace our sustainable journey with an overall approach, that we label EKKO.

To you it is an option

We are now launching the first eco-friendly materials - a recycled taffeta and a recycled polyester fiber that can be used in our EPEX membrane sails. Ask for the EKKO options.

The World´s first sail containing recycled plastic bottles

EPEX jib made from a double taffeta, where the white light taffeta is made from recycled plastic bottles. The fiber combination is a Vectran/Polyester, where the polyester is 100 % recycled.

In case you missed it: EPEX nanno is here

EPEX nanno is the choice of sail for the connoisseur sailor that is looking for an advanced yet easy to handle, durable hybrid performance sail. With the new generation of flat carbon fibres and integrated carbon filament reinforcements the EPEX nanno features a lighter and thinner core structure, with no compromise on stretch and shape. The membrane is significantly lighter than the lightest taffeta membrane. The polyester surface provides general tear and wear protection, resulting in a more durable sail than typical racing membranes with no outer protection.

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