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Buy an Anchor, Get a Swivel for FREE + Free Shipping!

Updated: Apr 25

Yachting Partners Malta is thrilled to announce an Exclusive Promotion

Buy an Ultra Anchor and Get an Ultra Swivel for FREE + Enjoy Free Shipping!

Anchor your dreams securely with the revolutionary Ultra Anchor. Crafted with precision and innovation, these anchors redefine safety and reliability

• Unique weight distribution by using weighted tip and air-filled shank: Never lands on its back. Sets immediately.

• Smart geometry of the 3-way curved tip (from the top and the sides): Outstanding penetration ability in any seabed

• Stronger the wind, deeper it goes

• Stabilization wings which help it to adapt to wind direction changes: Does not loose grip when turns

• Hand made in Europe from premium material: 318LN Duplex and 316L stainless steel

Lifetime Warranty

Ultra Anchor | ULTRA Flip Swivel| Yachting Partners Malta

With every anchor purchase, receive the top-of-the-line

Ultra Flip Swivel absolutely FREE

• Made from combination of 316T (titanium) and 318LN Duplex stainless steel: Ultimate strength - Stronger than G40 adequate size chain

• Always turns the anchor into the right position when returning to the bow roller: Automatic anchor turning

• Works with all conventional anchor types: Universal usage 5-Year Warranty

Enjoy FREE shipping on your entire order! Contact us to claim your offer before it's gone!

Phone: +356 2125 27 27

Yachting Partners Malta



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