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Absolute Yachts | TF Atmosphere Modules

Absolute’s TF atmosphere modules are a distinctive feature of the brand’s furnishings for the external areas on board, such as the flybridge and cockpit terrace. Their unique design ensures that they are ideally suited to a marine environment, inherently practical as well as comfortable and supremely elegant. They offer yet another demonstration of Absolute’s superb in-house design expertise, visible throughout its yachts that are hallmarked by discreet sophistication and harmonious proportions.

The TF range of deck furnishings is an Absolute exclusive, made in quality, sustainable materials such as aluminium, rope and teak, guaranteeing stability, lightness, compact dimensions, and perfect comfort. Units can be rearranged into a virtually infinite series of modular compositions, and each item can be readily disassembled for easy stowage when not required on deck.

The Absolute TF range boasts also modules with storage base, in which the basis consists of a thermoplastic box with a hatch, providing valuable space in which to store various items. These container units perfectly match the design of existing TF units and have the same ease of handling. They can be used for storing various materials, such as outdoor furniture covers, mooring lines and so forth. They are self-draining, so they are suitable for wet items.

TF Storage Modules, like the rest of the range, feature clean, linear forms that seamlessly fit to Absolute’s contemporary iconic style of marine architecture. They are built to last, made using prestigious materials sculpted into shapes of timeless design that feel right and look right. In short, form follows function in these modules, and they are ideally suited to the unique atmosphere of a luxury yacht, whose space and interiors are designed primarily to constitute a privileged pedestal from which to admire the beauty of the sea and the coast. Like Absolute’s yachts, the TF modules express meticulous attention to detail, sensitivity to the environment, and a constant quest for refined comfort.



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