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Grand Soleil 65 LC

Green Waves.

Crafted by Cantiere del Pardo using advanced manufacturing methods, the Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise embodies performance, style, and innovation. Grand Soleil 65, like any other yacht by Cantiere del Pardo, is designed to respect the marine environment in which it sails. The materials and construction methods implied have low environmental impact and a high degree of recyclability: the teak, for example, is sourced from a sustainable supply chain, the glass is laminated for better insulation, the composite lamination uses linen and eco resins, the paints are water-based and solar panels provide renewable green energy.

Grand Soleil 65 LC  | Yachting Partners Malta


Length overall: 21.60m
Hull Length: 20.10m
Waterline Length: 18.20m
Beam max: 5.9m
Draft: 3.50m
Displacement: 26.5T
Fuel capacity: 900L
Water capacity: 900L
Engine: 110hp
Mainsail: 154mq
Jib: 120mq
Self-winding: 105mq
Stay sail: 70mq


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