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Privilege Catamarans

We are pleased to announce that Yachting Partners Malta Ltd has been appointed dealer for Privilege Catamarans.

Founded is 1985 by Philippe Jeantot, Privilege Marine represents today the top range of catamarans. The design of hulls, shapes and decks and entirely developed by the design office of Marc Lombard Design Group which is worldwide well known for the high-performance standard of their projects. The comfort and quality of the interiors are at the top of the class and the extra volume in the pod makes the master cabin a luxurious and bright suit.

Privilege Catamarans are solidly built for long distance cruising and their reputation is second to none.

The current rage is split in two segments:
Sail & Power

Under the sail range we have the Serie 5 (50 feet), Serie 6 (60 feet) and Serie 7 (74 feet)

Under the power range we have the Furio 6 (64 feet) and Euphorie 5 (50 feet)


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