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Mavé BV

MavéMavé B.V. is specialized in developing and manufacturing air-conditioning and clima systems for marine applications and industrial applications with the product names MAR-IX .

MAR-IX air-conditioning and clima systems for yachts and commercial work boats are quality products which differ in used materials and finish off. These quality products are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

MAR-IX systems lead in innovation and quality, and have been used worldwide successfully for many years. These unique products translate many years of experience in the marine division. All systems come complete with the basic needed components, such as a sea water and circulation pump, to deliver it complete for direct install. The full development and engineering is done in Mavé B.V.  by using the latest techniques such as a 3D design program.

All systems operate noiseless by the closed housing and using extra silencers. Beside the standard suspending of the rotary and scroll compressor in silencers, and are also available to mount silencers under the system cabinet for a noiseless result.

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