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Hanse 508

Smarter, more elegant and more comfortable than ever.

The innovative new Hanse 508 is the perfect yacht for relaxed blue water sailing, with its progressive design and one of the most thrilling performance levels of its class. With a fascinating interior and an exceptionally diverse range of clever customization options. The Hanse 508 lives up to the highest standards of flexibility, style, and quality of life. Let yourself be amazed by excellent luxury.


LOA: 15.55 m​

Hull Length: 14.93 m​

LWL:  13.54 m​

Beam: 4.75 m


shallow keel 1.98 m

L-keel, medium  2.40 m


shallow keel approx  15.10 t

L-keel, medium 14.70 t


standard approx 80 HP

Full Specs


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