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Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive

hanse_emotion_2Hanse is known for its power of innovation and entrepreneurial courage!

Under the motto “Breaking Rules. Setting Trends” many new developments have been made which today make the brand so unique.

We therefore want to present you our newest innovation:

The Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive, which revolutionizes the way sailing yachts are propelled.

The Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive was developed in cooperation with our partners Jefa and Torqeedo and has an electric engine, which not only replaces the diesel engine and its components but also the complete saildrive.

A 4 kW electric engine and a folding propeller have been integrated into the rudder shaft.

The advantage of this system is the significantly improved maneuverability as well as the emission-free and almost silent propulsion.

hanse_emotion_4The integrated engine in the rudder directs the thrust into the respective direction of the rudder. The extended rudder angle of 100 degrees in total allows the Hanse 315 with e-motion rudder drive to turn from standstill on her own axis – forward and backward. When docking and taking off parallel to the pier, the stern of the yacht can be pulled precisely to the dock, which is particularly advantageous in strong winds and narrow ports.


More advantages of the new Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive are:

The system consists of two to four lithium ion batteries, which propel the yacht at smooth sea and 4.5 knots up to 30 nautical miles. At lower speeds, the range is extended significantly. The maximum speed is 6.1 knots and thereby not much less than with the conventional diesel engine. With the integrated quick-chargers, the new Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive is fully recharged in just 3 hours and ready for the next emission-free adventure.

hanse_emotion_6The new Hanse 315 emotion rudder drive celebrates its world premiere at the International Boat Show Hamburg.





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