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The Grand Soleil 48 is now unveiled!

Cantiere del Pardo unveils the new Grand Soleil 48! This new project comes from the collaboration of Nauta Yacht Design for the deck and interiors and the naval architect Marco Lostruzzi.

This new futuristic model is available in two versions: Performance and Race.


Grand Soleil 48 Performance

In the image above the Grand Soleil 48 Performance

A wide range of options is available to customise the boat extensively both for fast cruising or pure racing. In fact, one of the innovative features which distinguish this new yacht is the possibility to choose lighter woods for the race version saving up to 40% of the furniture weight. Furthermore, part of the furniture can be quickly taken off for racing and reinstalled back for when you’re cruising.

Custom Building process

For this important project, Grand Soleil chose the highest quality materials and the best building techniques. In fact, it is possible to choose between different building processes and materials. For the Race version the hull is built in infusion in epoxy and fiberglass or in epoxy and carbon fiber, it depends on the owner preferences and the four bulkheads are in composite. While for the Performance version the hull is hand laminated and the hull is in vinylester and fiberglass with the main bulkhead in composite.

The first hull in the image above

The Deck: from performance to race

The deck is one of the most interesting parts of the new Grand Soleil 48 and here we can find the main differences between the two versions. For the Race one, it is possible to have 6 or 8 winches (2 of them to regulate the backstay), a hydraulic system to control the forestay and much longer bowsprit to have a larger sail area when going downwind.

In the Performance version, 4 winches are installed next to the helm position and the self-tacking jib is part of the standard equipment. These aspects make the Grand Soleil 48 Performance very easy to sail single or double handed.

Grand Soleil 48 Race

In the image above the Grand Soleil 48 Race

Four boats are already in production and two with full carbon hull! Get in touch and discover all the features of the new Grand Soleil 48!

Malta also offers excellent fiscal incentives. In fact, if you buy and register the yacht in Malta it is possible to pay VAT at 9%. Since Malta is a full EU member state, the VAT paid in Malta is valid for all EU countries. Full information on request.

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